NOAA Energy Management Program Overview

Suitland, MD facility.

The NOAA Satellite Operations Facility, located in Suitland, MD, was designed under the auspices of GSA's Design Excellence Program and received the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Gold rating. More information about NSOF's sustainable design features from GSA.

As the leader in understanding and predicting changes in the Earth's environment and managing coastal and marine resources, NOAA has the opportunity to be a leader in promoting the sustainable use of Earth's resources. Practicing and demonstrating environmentally sound business practices can and should become an intrinsic part of NOAA's organizational culture that is apparent to our employees and surrounding communities.

The NOAA's energy program focuses on reducing NOAA's consumption of energy, natural resources, and manufactured materials, as well as its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions, other air and water pollution, and landfills.

For more detailed information see the NOAA Energy Program site or contact Jennifer Shaltanis, Sustainability Program Manager in the Safety and Environmental Compliance Office.

Energy Management News

Deadline for the DOC Energy and Environmental Award Nominations,
and DOE/FEMP Energy and Water Awards Extended to March 15, 2011

DOC has just announced an extension to the 2011 DOC Energy and Environmental Award Nominations and the annual call for nominations for DOE/FEMP 2011 Energy and Water Awards. This year the two awards programs are somewhat integrated; that is, DOC award nominations (energy and environmental) will be fed into the DOE/FEMP Award nominations. SECO strongly encourages your Line Offices participation in these important recognition programs to highlight the good work being done!

The following provides more information regarding the submission requirements:

Current Programs

Directives Supporting Energy Management

Executive Order (EO) 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance

"In order to create a clean energy economy that will increase our Nation's prosperity, promote energy security, protect the interests of taxpayers, and safeguard the health of our environment, the Federal Government must lead by example. It is therefore the policy of the United States that Federal agencies shall increase energy efficiency; measure, report, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions from direct and indirect activities; conserve and protect water resources through efficiency, reuse, and stormwater management; eliminate waste, recycle, and prevent pollution; leverage agency acquisitions to foster markets for sustainable technologies and environmentally preferable materials, products, and services; design, construct, maintain, and operate high performance sustainable buildings in sustainable locations; strengthen the vitality and livability of the communities in which Federal facilities are located; and inform Federal employees about and involve them in the achievement of these goals."  (Full Text)

NOAA's Next-Generation Strategic Plan

Objective: Modern, safe, and sustainable facilities. NOAA is committed to modernizing its facilities, and creating sustainable, energy-efficient, safe, and secure work environments. Reducing NOAA’s carbon footprint and energy costs through the use of sustainable design of new facilities and investments in energy-efficient building systems will be key strategies for more effective energy stewardship of NOAA facilities.  (Full Text)